Selected Academic Publications

As well as my current book project on British and American intelligence in the Cold War, I am now general editor of the multi-volume Cambridge History of Intelligence to be published by Cambridge University Press. I am also writing several journal articles on intelligence, diplomatic history and great-power conflicts, and the history of Russian disinformation. My academic publications include:




  • Empire of Secrets. British intelligence, the Cold War and the Twilight of Empire (Harper-Press 2013)
  • Spies: The Long Cold War. Britain, American and Russian Intelligence (in progress)

Book (editor)

  • Cambridge History of Espionage & Intelligence general ed. 3 vols (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

Book (contributed to):

  • Defend the Realm. The Authorized History of MI5 (Penguin 2009)

Peer-reviewed articles:

  • “Telephone taps, mail intercepts and bugging: a hidden hand of diplomacy and international security” (under review with a leading peer reviewed journal)
  • “Specter of the Cold War: Anglo-American intelligence and Russian Active Measures” (in progress)
  • “Historical Amnesia: British and US intelligence, Past and Present” Secrecy and Society (forthcoming special issue)
  • “Avoiding the Thucydides Trap: intelligence lessons from the Second World War and Cold War” (under review with a leading peer reviewed journal)
  • “British intelligence, the Mandate of Palestine, and threats to national security immediately after the Second World War” Intelligence and National Security 23 (2008) pp.435- 62.

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